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Become the most fittest, flexible and fearless version of you.

My programs have helped thousands of women around the globe break common misconceptions that you cant develop strength and flexibility simultaneously.

With a large, ever-growing library of video tutorials and my #ABFIT community, you will be smashing goals in no time!

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Personal Training

Do you have a specific fitness or flexibility goal? Personal Training is the fastest way to achieving these goals. From 1 on 1 accountability to customised programming and nutritional support you will have access to all the support you need to see results. You can train with me online or in person.

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Pole Fitness & Flexibility

Pole Dance is an extreme sport. It is incredibly addictive, builds astonishing strength and creates phenomenal flexibility. Even better, Pole builds self-esteem and a wonderful appreciation for the human body. My Passion is to help you keep doing what you love, injury-free. Unfortunately, I see all too many pole dancers come to me after experiencing all too common injuries. My mission is to change this, by teaching your correct posture on the pole and developing off the pole conditioning programs that help get you stronger and more flexible for pole. Whether you are a beginner or a professional dancer my coaching and programs will help develop your inner pole athlete for many years of happy, healthy poling.

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Flexy Guide


Achieve the flexibility of your dreams with this ultimate guide to flexibility.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a professional athlete looking to break a flexibility plateau, this guide has all the tools and knowledge you need to see results.

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Tutorials and more on my Youtube Channel

Pole Dance Conditioning Upper Body and Core

20 Minute Ab Workout

Shoulder Conditioning for Pole Dance

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